ZTE Overture 3

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États-Unis : Cricket Wireless

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November 2017

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Reviewed on Monday May 27, 2019 by , McKinney,Tx
I am actually writing this on my ZTE Overture 3 I love it always play games like pubg and things like that never had a problem other than not holding a charge a year in!
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Below average

Reviewed on Tuesday August 21, 2018 by , El Paso
First of all, if you're buying a cheap phone or laptops don't expect it to be perfect, or average. This cellphone isn't perfect but it's storage of 16Gb isn't something to complain about. Sadly that's the only good feature about this cellphone. This phone has screen problems which causes half of the screen from half to top to not respond to your fingers, making it terrible for widescreen games. Also, this isn't the best phone to play games with, it can run some good games, but if it can't run Roblox, it won't run any good game like PUBG, or GTA. Also, it has some compatibility problems with some apps, line YouTube, I've review other cellphones, but this is the first one so far to have this problem. When I watch a video on YouTube and an ad appears the video starts over, and when another ad appears the same thing happens, so good luck watching a video with several ads. Any other spect from this cellphone is average.
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Get what you pay for

Reviewed on Friday March 30, 2018 by , United States
I never do reviews, but since i was so fustrated with this phone i wanted to share this with potential buyers. I've only had it a couple days when it started using all my data even though i was always on wifi and only texted when i was out. I had to fool around and turn off a bunch of preexisting apps for the data to work correctly again.
Secondly the camera isnt the best quality. Theres an app already installed in the phone called selfie so that whenever you open the camera it comes as selfie mode, but i didnt like that so i disabled it. Since then my phone has been incredibly slow and nonresponsive. Lastly, i signed up for autopay and it didnt even work so when my payment came arpund it didnt take it and turned off my phone. Spend the extra money and get a phone that actually works is my advise
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SURPRISE and it's all good. ***** five star*****

Reviewed on Monday January 29, 2018 by , Michigan
I don't do reviews but I felt compelled to do one for this new ZTE since I was just looking to see what others had to say and there were no reviews for it.
I got this phone as a replacement for my LG that quick working...well the camera did.
And I need a camera for my work.
Anyways the phone is from Chricket...it was cheap to upgrade.I had no choice needed a phone ASAP.
Anyways, what a nice surprise I was expecting these ZTE's to be junk....just the opposite.
It's a very nice phone....One and Two sucked...never looked or felt good.
The LG's and Samsungs were always a better option for the free ones or basement prices.
This ZTE model 3 is great!
No kidding...it's loaded with cool features.
Easy and light weight..looks the same as my LG.
But has many features the LG was missing.
I am very happy with this phone and I should know.
I go through them like crazy.
This is the best one yet.
When you go to switch phone or upgrade give this one a second look. I think you will be impressed.
It's a big improvement from their previous models.
And better then any low end LG or Samsung...and I like those guys.
BIG BANG for the BUCK!!!
Hope this helps in your next decision.