Samsung Galaxy S8

Aussi connu sous le SM-G950W

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Canada : Bell, MTS Mobilité, EastLink, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, SaskTel, Tbaytel, TELUS, Videotron, Virgin Mobile, PC Mobile
États-Unis : AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile

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April 2017

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Substandard equipment

Reviewed on Tuesday October 9, 2018 by , Ohio
While there are many things I like about my Galaxy S8, I would have to rate it as a seriously substandard product because of one glaring flaw alone: The charging/data interface is defective and inferior. I always have to cross my fingers that the phone is actually going to charge when I plug it in, and I can forget about data transfer -- it just doesn't work, no matter how many different cords I try. Really. This is such a simple and straightforward feature -- if Samsung can't get THIS right, what can they get right?
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dont buy a s8

Reviewed on Saturday November 11, 2017 by , michigan
upgraded to new galaxy s8- first day notice much poorer internet onnection, returned and they put new sd in it ,no help. of course they said give it some time, time for what to ripen? still not any better. drop calls and poor interent. then the buttom at the bottom of the phone that constantly disappear are a real pain , wishing i had my 6 back.then many programs domt work with it that worked with all otjer galaxys. why why would u do this samsung. do not i say DO MOT BUY THIS GALAXY 8 unitl they make it at least as good as the past galaxys. any one want to trade their 6 or 7 for a slightly used 8
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poor excuse for a samsung

Reviewed on Friday September 1, 2017 by , Florida
Wife has the 7 i had a 5 for 3 years and both phones were great. The S8 is not the same in reliability.
Have had one for 4 months and None of the tech people know anything about the phone. My first one went back after 45 days, kept freezing up, losing data getting hot dropping calls etc. Last worked better, most of the time, but recently fell out of my pocket and with a otterbox cover the edge of the screen cracked. $359.00 to fix. 1/2 the price of the phone. KNew it was a bad design, should have bought the 7.
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The worst phone ever made

Reviewed on Wednesday May 24, 2017 by , Colorado Mountains
I have had this real gem for 3 weeks. I have got over the fact that Samsung just beat me out of a bunch of money for what they call a top shelf phone. The battery life is less than one fourth what they boast about. I had to buy a car charger so I could use it a full day away from the home charger. The battery life is really that bad. I have a year old LG HBS750 blue tooth earbud head set I paired up to this s8 jewel. I can't clip the s8 to my belt or the music cuts out and skips as if the phone was 100 yards away. I need to put it in my shirt pocket 1 foot from the headset and it works fair, but nothing like my 3 year old LG with a bad battery. The phone has a weather app in it and the refresh indicator will not work no matter how many times you tap it. I have never been taken advantage of like I have been by buying this Samsung s8 piece of junk. I will buy a new iPhone 7 and use this Samsung junk as a target at the rifle range. I would never try to recover some of my money by selling it as a used phone on eBay. I just can't take advantage of anybody the way Samsung does!!! Please reconsider if you are thinking of buying the Samsung s8. It truly is a rip off. Learn from my mistake, don't buy this phone!!!