LG P505

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Canada : chatr sans-fil

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August 2011

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well worth the price

Reviewed on Monday November 25, 2013 by , United States
The LG P505 may not be the fastest smart phone on the market and it cant drive you home if you've had too many cocktails, but it can tell you how to get there. I have owned this phone for over a year and am very satisfied with it. Te only real issues i have is it could use more internal memory and the battery life is a bit short. if you keep an eye on the memory usage by moniteringyour apps AND KEePING IT CLUTTER FREE IT DOES FINE. As for the battery i keep a spare one with me, problem solved. i just read a review by another user who had nothing good to say about this phone. Either the phone is broken or the user or both. finding contacts or making calls is fast and simple especially if you have the phone set up mfor voice dial. ive only had one dropped call and thats due to a dead zone in our aea, in fact i have ATT ind my friends on their fancy $600 phones lose service long before i do, the same applies when connected to wi fi. ill be connected while they are wandering around looking for the signal. Maybe they used an apple stem for an antenna. the keyboard is kinda small so typing can be a pain but if you use voice to text like i do its a non issue. the phone is well made and has a good solid feel to it. i have dropped it several times and im sure the three dollar cover i got from amazon helps but ive dropped other phones that didnt fair so well. if you dont need a pone that will tell you when your chihuahua is ovulating then this is the phone for you.
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No problems

Reviewed on Monday November 11, 2013 by , Hamilton , ON
I have had this phone for 1 1/2 yrs . Although I use to have data on it , I got rid of it. I use my laptop and didn't need the phone for that. I am with Chatr and the phone has been durable for what I need it for , talk and text. I dl my music on it and it sounds great . The price was right and although I have looked at other phones. This one does the trick .
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LGP505 Cell phone

Reviewed on Saturday September 22, 2012 by , North Vancouver, BC
I love this phone, it does everything I need and more..The messaging system, built in music player with quick and easy access to everything I need..No lag when using this phone, no dropped calls, the sound is clear as a bell when making or receiving a call. It has a good solid feel and does not look or feel cheap..If you want a good solid phone that practically walks to the store for you buy it..and yes I can get onto Google and check my emails..

The charger cord act as both a USB cord with a detachable charger so that makes it easy to connect to my computer when moving my music over to my phone..It comes with a head-set the sound is great through them even though the ear buds are a bit big for me..

I do not play games on this phone although I'm sure I can... I did not buy it for this purpose so I can't speak to that..If you want everything possible in a phone then its best to buy an I-phone and stop complaining that this phone isn't acting as one..Its a fantastic smart phone to me..

So given its not an I Phone nor was it meant to be at this price its a very good smart phone and will give you the best bang for your buck out there and believe me I've done my homework..I am so happy with it I want to buy a second one just in case I lose one..

The key pad is a bit small when texting but you get used to, the numeral keys are big and easy to use..my service provider is 'Chatter' who is part of the Rodgers networking system..I'm on a no-contract plan and I must say that the plans they give are fantastic..I can't believe it took me so long to try them out..

Good luck on your search I'm glad mine is over..Cheers J
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Don't be a cheepy

Reviewed on Thursday September 13, 2012 by , .
I've had this phone for almost a year now.
Don't be cheepy. Just go out and by a better Android phone.
(I'm an Android person and I'd rather recommend that then Apple)
It crashes constantly, and it's gotten worse since I've owned it for some reason.
I'm the type of person who likes to use the internet a lot, and I wouldn't recommend this phone if it was the last thing on Earth.