LG K20 Plus

Aussi connu sous le LG K10 (2017), LG TP260, LG K20 V

Réseaux :

États-Unis : MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless

Fabriqué :

February 2017

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Great phone!

Reviewed on Monday July 31, 2017 by , Miami,Fl.
I love this phone! It's sleek & stylish. Has 32 gig internal memory which is a biggie for me. My old phone had 8 and 7 was taken up my system so i had to constantly delete pics or the phone wouldn't work. This phone is so easy to use & the quality is superb! I love that you can take pics by saying whiskey or cheese or hands-free. Too many cool things on the phone. Plus the battery lasts forever! I also love the rose gold rim and accents. It's just a great phone, Plus i got it free by switching to metro pcs. No contract. Unlimited everything with a great network for a great price! Super happy!