LG Fortune

Aussi connu sous le LGM153

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États-Unis : Cricket Wireless

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March 2017

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Reviewed on Thursday December 27, 2018 by , North carolina
Got the phone free from cricket. Sucks. Its lags almost every app, horrible camera and barely charges. So cricket, CAN I PLEASE HAVE A PHONE WITH AT LEAST A GOOD CAMERA??? If i can give it a 0 I will
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Worst phone EVER

Reviewed on Friday November 2, 2018 by , Hopkinsville Ky
This phone constantly overheats even when not charging or being used. I can plug it in for hours only for the battery to continue draining or barely increase. I will NEVER buy another LG product of any kind in my life. If they can pawn off such crap on customers, they do not deserve any more of my business. I would give zero stars if it were possible!
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Worst Phone yet!

Reviewed on Thursday November 1, 2018 by , Maryland
Bought this phone and the battery life is the absolute worst!
You will spend most of your time chained to a wall just charging up the phone!
Wish i could have got my money back!
I will be purchasing a new iPhone soon!
This phone (LG Fortune 2) is definitely not worth the money!
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Reviewed on Saturday October 27, 2018 by , Chico
Full screen ads when im doing anything even texting. HORRIBLE reception even where my old phones had great service. Forced downloads. This phone is the defi ition of disgusting. I will never buy an lg peice of trash again.