Apple iPhone XR

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Canada : Bell, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS, Virgin Mobile

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September 2018

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my new iPhone XR

Reviewed on Sunday April 14, 2019 by , Toronto Canada
Have had the XR for a week now. I’m impressed, nice display good resolution fast good battery life and many other good points. However, with facial recognition Apple Pay has been set back. With my 6s I could keep my finger on the home button and hold the phone near the POS terminal, and that was it. Now I have to press buttons multiple times. Might as well use my bank card to tap the terminal. Besides, I notice fingerprint is considered more secure than facial recognition. Why then did Apple not stick with fingerprint?
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Worst iPhone

Reviewed on Friday April 12, 2019 by , Auburn AL
This iPhone has MAJOR issues. I traded in my 6Plus for the XR bc Apple offered me a $200 trade in. I DEEPLY regret my decision. The XR works sometimes. It started having problems with sound, not ringing, being extremely loud at times, missed messages, apps not working and lag time. I was issued a different phone in less than 3 months (same XR) and it seems to have even more issues than the first. Apple refuses to help. If you are thinking about buying the XR it is NOT worth it. Other than the camera that is the ONLY upgrade. The Face ID also does not work on this phone.
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Great Tech, brutal Size

Reviewed on Thursday March 28, 2019 by , Canada
Love all the upgrades to the software but this
Phone is just way to big escpially for girl
Hands and one handed msg. Wish they could do all the new upgrades but just smaller size phone.
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Reviewed on Wednesday March 27, 2019 by , San Francisco - Bay Area
I purchased my iPhone XR from T-Mobile approximately January 17, 2019. Today Is March 27, 2019 and so I have not even had the phone for 3months and I’m having major major technical difficulties.. The iPhone XR is probably -not probably - definitely a piece of trash. The GPS does not work my Wi-Fi will not work. It’s just awful and was just a complete waste of $1000 I would’ve been better off getting a Gucci purse than actually getting this iPhone XR. I strongly advise everyone to not get the iPhone XR because you’re going to waste your time and your money and your phone carrier is going to make you pay like a $200 insurance bill just for you to get a new phone and it’s not even worth it don’t waste your troubles go to Samsung. Last year I got an iPhone 7 fresh out the box and I was having problems within three months my phone stopped working. So either iPhone is a piece of shit or T-Mobile is selling piece of crap phones to the customers on purpose