Apple iPhone XR

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Canada : Bell, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS, Virgin Mobile

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September 2018

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Not recommended

Reviewed on Wednesday May 22, 2019 by , Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I never wrote a bad review before but I am so very disappointed of my iPhone XR.... it is my first iPhone and my first expensive phone, I never owned a phone before that cost more than 50-60 dollars. Last December I finally saved enough money to gift myself with what I believed is a great phone... unfortunately things started stop working , sometimes I have to press several times the screen and it just freezes, also the screen seems to have a crack even if I never dropped my phone, I take very good care of it.... all my previous cheap phones lasted me at least 3 years without even a scratch.... very disappointing.....
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In water for 55 minutes

Reviewed on Sunday May 12, 2019 by , Martinsburg WV
Usually I don’t write reviews on devices, but I was amazed when my daughter XR fell into our pond and was in there for almost a hour..our pond is more than 6 feet deep and we had to let water out. To our surprise once my husband got it, the screen was still on, we immediately turned it off and put in rice.. of course my daughter couldn’t wait to turn it on (she’s 20), after 2 hours turned it on and it was still working, put back in rice overnight and it’s fine. We are so happy we didn’t have to get a new phone because she just got it in March.
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Reviewed on Tuesday May 7, 2019 by , Noida
Battery takes a little more than 3 hours to fully charge the battery. and the battery life is not as expected.
is this normal?
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The best iPhone yet!

Reviewed on Monday May 6, 2019 by , Indiana
I have had every model iPhone since the original iPhone I got in 2009. When I first got my iPhone XR in December 2018, I had a hard time getting used to an iPhone with no home button. Five months in and I would never go back to having a home button! Never has an iPhone had such phenomenal battery life. This is every bit a premium phone without the premium price of the XS and XS max. In fact, there’s not enough difference to even consider anything else. The camera, speed, and top of the line A12 Bionic processor is right up there with the very best in the world. I would give it 10 stars if I could!!!!!