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The Coolpad Defiant has an average user review score of 1 étoiles sur 5 based on 15 commentaires.

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Reviewed on Tuesday November 27, 2018 by , Usa
Worst cell phone I've ever owned. T-Mobile should be embarrassed to offer this phone. It's slow. Voice recognition stinks. Everything about this phone is beneath market Standard. Have had it for about a month or two. I have been with T-Mobile since the 90s. T-Mobile should be embarrassed to offer this phone.
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Not as bad as people say it is.

Reviewed on Monday November 12, 2018 by , Florida
Keeping it real here, I'm on a very strict budget ATM. With family, college and part time jobs going back and forth most of my money go towards other important things other than a phone. I think the last time I ever cared so much for a specific phone was when the Samsung Galaxy s3 came out. Had this phone for almost 3 months now and it isn't as bad as the other people say here. My speed is fast, sound quality is decent and hasn't acted up ever. Either I'm lucky or just know how to take care of a phone. Rate it 7.2/10
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Crappiest of all the crap

Reviewed on Saturday November 10, 2018 by , North Carolina usa
The absolute worst phone ever produced. Lord have mercy.
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Metro PCS needs to refund our money

Reviewed on Saturday October 13, 2018 by , Nj
please run away from the Coolpad Android phone it is a piece of garbage it does not work it takes some time to 11 minutes to load a page MetroPCS or the ashamed of themselves for selling this garbage!!! We all need a refund if they try to offer you this piece of s*** in their office refuse it. the second phone I bought from MetroPCS that was garbage I'm starting to look for a new company I've been with them to you too many years paying my bill and this is the type of s*** you give us it's all about the money Metro PCS
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Better options for $40, for sure.

Reviewed on Sunday September 30, 2018 by , McKinney TX
I got this phone as a replacement. $40 at MetroPCS. Was saving for a car, so I wanted to do a budget phone. However I typically do, and recommend The LG, or Samsung but something drew me to the Coolpad.

Two months later, It's not a Coolpad at all. Has the speed of a snail, cannot run multiple tasks without freezing, will make you say things that would make a sailor blush, totally unreliable for normal life necessities. Cannot run word, or any of the mimic apps of that.

I recommend this for your kiddo, pretty sturdy, you can't play apps though. But you can browse barely, and YouTube works flawlessly. Music players freeze, and turn off randomly. Pandora, Spotify etc.

Advice get a LG Pixie/alcatel, or a cheap Samsung.

Stay away..
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I've been played

Reviewed on Wednesday August 29, 2018 by , Sacramento
I work too hard for my money to be played like this. I've only owned this phone for 23 days, and the screen has gone completely out. It's freezes all the time, and now it has completely gone black. The phone still rings and I have no way of answering. Then I took the battery out to try and reset it, and it's making a clicking sound. it's a worthless POS! and now I'm out of $100.
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Worst phone I have ever had!!!!

Reviewed on Saturday July 21, 2018 by , Tacoma, WA
This thing is garbage. It is slow to do everything. I have never seen so many unresponsive screens. And then to have metro zone come up every so often after unlocking screen is annoying. I can't wait to get a new phone and destroy this garbage by throwing it against a wall or sidewalk. And I have only had it for one week!
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Slower than SafeLink smart phone

Reviewed on Wednesday June 13, 2018 by , Atlanta
This phone is horrible and had the nerve to charge $100 but says they are giving it away for free smh never never again going to a new company and the worse part you can even listen to Spotify without it cutting off every 10 mins and don't try to download or play games you'd be wasting your time
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Piece of Shit Phone

Reviewed on Friday June 8, 2018 by , Carthage, Mo
I had bought this phone on my birthday and on the second day it started lagging. Then I froze. It did this for the few months I had this. This phone is a piece of shit. Don't buy it.
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My experience with this phone

Reviewed on Thursday May 3, 2018 by , California
I got this phone for Christmas and my mom said it was an upgrade from my old one which was the Coolpad catalyst and let me tell you now, it is a downgrade. The apps always freeze, the camera is ok but recording video is a nightmare. The phone is worst than the Windows phone. Can't wait to get a new one.
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Worst phone ever

Reviewed on Sunday November 12, 2017 by , Denton Texas
This is one of this is one of the worst phones that I have ever had it doesn't work it freezes up most of the time the memory sucks on this phone it always reboots and it's slow I will never buy this phone again!!!! At least no more. Also none of the apps on this phone really works and I end up having to use my own laptop just get on apps I hate this phone
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Hate it

Reviewed on Friday October 20, 2017 by , Plantcity FL
Got this phone three months ago. Worst phone I've ever had ,phone freezes up,shuts down, will switch apps, will write a text and have to proofread all becouse will change words on me ,and when watching videos can barely hear have to hold phone to ear or use headset,a and runs real slow
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Reviewed on Wednesday October 4, 2017 by , United States
I got this phone Sept 3rd and one month later it keeps shutting off and i restart it and 5 minutes later it keeps shutting off tried to reboot it and it still didn't work and metro pc is no help at all they are junk at least the one I have is
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Wow! (Negative)

Reviewed on Sunday September 17, 2017 by , Houston
The phone reboots itself even if it is fully charged. Apps freeze up constantly. Ringtones are unable to be converted from the "Play Music" like all Samsung phones have the capability to do so. Overall not worth the money at all!!!
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Model has many glitches

Reviewed on Sunday September 3, 2017 by , Sunrise
On my second Coolpad Defiant. Everything is slow moving, apps freeze are unresponsive, reboots itself. Not a good purchase. Very unsatisfied.