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April 2004

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Reviewed on Monday June 11, 2007 by , Regina Beach
I have had this phone for almost an year and an half and its been through alot! haha I can't even count how many times I have dropped it (on hard wood floors, cement, out of my car, etc.) or it has gotten wet and it STILL works!! But it only has a few scrathes... This is basically all I like about this phone is how duriable it is.. I really really HATE the annoying ringtones, they drive me insane! Not one normal ring ring rintone! Its soo annoying and embrassing, so i use it one vibrate but the thing with that is that I have also missed many calls from not feeling it through my jeans, or my jacket pockets and also you can't even hear the vibrate... Sometimes i just doesn't ring or ibrate!! And my parents/friends blam me for not awsnering when they phone.. Another plus other then it being duriable it also has an great battery life! I can go for a week without charging it... So on other hand this phone is good in some ways but bad in another.. I am going to buy an new cell phone soon and I might miss this duriable phone but I highly doubt it...
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Reviewed on Thursday July 6, 2006 by , ontario
I work at the Rogers call centre and used this phone for 2 1/2 years until i dropped and broke it. I have personally sent this phone out to hundreds of customers and had it not been discontinued, I would recommend it to hundreds more. The phone is very basic in terms of features, but for me, the most important features are reception and battery life. This phone never disappointed me. The reception is outstanding (obviously with the exception of known weak coverage areas) and the battery life is too. I charged mine maybe every 4-5 days and left it on 24/7. The phone is reliable and was very sturdy - it withstood being dropped multiple times and still kept on going. I can't tell you enough how disappointed I was when it broke once and for all. My boyfriend uses one and so does my mom. For the number of customers we sent this phone out to, we receieve very few complaints. A++
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Worst Phone Ever

Reviewed on Wednesday March 15, 2006 by , Toronto
This has been the worst phone I have ever had. My contract is up this month and I am looking forward to having ANYTHING else than this phone. I traded in my Nokia 6360 for this phone; I thought I was doing the right thing, going from big and clunky to small and sleek, but I was wrong. I miss my 6360! Yes, this Samsung is small and compact, battery life is good, and the colour screen is clear, but that is where the pros end and the cons start.

-the ear piece volume is horrible; if you are anywhere but an absolutely silent room, you cannot hear the person you are speaking to; if you are outside or in a room with other people, forget it
-ringer volume is extremely LOW - sooo many missed phone calls as a result (even the vibrating ring is minimal, very difficult to feel even through jeans)
-reception is not the greatest - cuts out often
-address book freezes every so often, and the phone then is impossible to use for about 30 minutes when this happens

My opinion: do not get this phone!!

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Reviewed on Sunday December 11, 2005 by , Thunder Bay
UGGggggghhh ..

WHy oh why did I let the fast talking rep at My Rogers store talk me into THIS phone !! The ONLY thing I liked about it was the SCREEN .. big and bright ..

I have misplaced it several times as it is SO small and to be perfectly honest .. the darned thing is SLIPPERY .. in winter .. with wool gloves on .. well .. it's about impossible to hang onto !!

The charge port protector was gone in 2 weeks .. WHY isn't it attached to the phone somehow ?? I have had service on it TWICE for a .. get this .. RIBBON cable malfunction .. I'd THINK the phone was on .. but.. after I closed it up .. that single movement caused that ribbon cable to disconnect .. first tech at Rogers told me it was a bad battery connection .. maybe I might consider using an ELASTIC to hold it tighter .. OR .. TAPE!!!!
At least the second guy made the correct repair.

I am ON CALL .. with my Nokia I just slipped it into my pocket or briefcase and NEVER worried .. with the SAMSUNG .. I am using TUMS to get through my ON CALL days !!!

Reading the other reviews (in the negative) I can also relate to the NO ring .. MISSED call phenomenon .. one minute the little green light is flashing .. the next time I look it's RED!!!

Am thinking I may have to break my contract just to be shed of this and give my nerves some peace ..