Samsung A523 évaluations

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The Samsung A523 has an average user review score of 3 étoiles sur 5 based on 3 commentaires.

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Reviewed on Sunday April 4, 2010 by , montreal
I have been using this phone for 1 and a half years now. It is an okay phone if you are the kind of person who needs their phone to have many functions.
Recently the screen of my phone is weird. It is alright until I fully slide up my phone. Strangely the screen goes black. I am now looking for another phone.
What I didn't like about the phone at the beginning was how you but on your own ringtones.. you must download them from telus. The camera is not the greatest either.
For the mp3, mine works fine. It uses the telus java player and that is the one function I really like about my phone.
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DONT buy this

Reviewed on Wednesday July 29, 2009 by , toronto
this phone is terrible ! i got tricked into buying it by the store clerk .she told me it has MP3 player and yeah it does have one but it doesnt even work , computers arent famillar with its drive i call that FALSE aadvertisement dont say that it has MP3 when it really does and i went out of my way and bought an SD card with the last money i had in my name and it still doesnt work this phone is TERRIBLE worse phone that telus has to offer. real talk
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Need another phone

Reviewed on Friday July 17, 2009 by , Montreal, quebec
this phone is really great, but my last one just broke so im wonderin if U can tell me the price ti is 2 get another one. im also already on a contract so i want to know if i can switch this contract over to the same exact phone?