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February 2007

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old, but amazing!

Reviewed on Sunday November 14, 2010 by , CA
this phone is simply amazing. despite the age, it does everything a 16 year old like me would want. minus the camera. but my father had this phone for about 2 years, then my mom used it for a number of months, and I have used it for about 6 months. it's been going down in the family, and it still works amazingly! I'm having a really hard time looking for another phone, because it needs to be as good as this one, at the least.

pros: when texting you can see the your separate conversations you were having before that text message. good capacity to old many many texts and emails. good connectivity to the internet. olds many audio and video. it's able to hold a memory card. calculator, memos, alarm clock, all work great. very easy to type with the keyboard. though someone else might find them too close to each other.

cons: kind of slow when you request to see many texts back in the conversation window, but that setting can be changed. can't view pictures while listening to music. the trackball does get stuck once in a while.

also, my parents used this with internet, while I'm using it only as a mobile phone for talk and text, and it does it's job very very well. easy to customize your menu page to remove apps you don't want to click by accident (like anything internet related in my case, so I don't end up using them and costing a fortune...)

overall, best phone I've had. I like it better than the Iphone.