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The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon has an average user review score of 2 étoiles sur 5 based on 97 commentaires.

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Loan phone (Even the teckie had nothing good to say about it)

Reviewed on Wednesday November 28, 2018 by , QLD
As I currently own a Samsung A5 (Amazing phone by the way) I had it in to be fixed due to a software update. So I am given Loan phone. In replacement for my Amazing Samsung. Only to be given a loan Phone. THE BLOODY Alcatel OneTouch pop icon. Brand spanking new out of the box. I think they were looking for a way to get rid of them. The techie (who was an expert apparently) said it was brand new, could do all the things as I could on my original phone. Text call only on a smaller screen. I trusted him. Blinded sighted. Within 1/2 it crashed. Burnt my hand, my ear during a phone call and get this. BURNT A HOLE IN MY SHEET. Yes, it was charging overnight on under my sheet. Woke up to a slight burnt smell. Crashed on me a phew times today, Extremely slow in loading and it takes me 16mins to type a one sentence text. I've had the darn thing for 3 days now. (The 16min thing is a bit of an over exaggeration) but reading the reviews and how much it retails for hear in Aus. $40. I started laughing cause no wonder its crap. I would not recommend this even for a 13yr first phone. Brick phones have worked better. AND DIDN"T BURN A HOLE IN MY SHEET. It's crap. My advice. Don't buy it. Unless for a prop for a play and its not going to be turned on. Should have known since the (Tech expert) had nothing good to say about it.
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Alcatel freezing frenzy

Reviewed on Thursday April 19, 2018 by , MONTICELLO
This phone is always freezing when trying to text call anyone it takes forever to do anything on this phone. The crazy part is I don't have any apps installed only what's preinstalled I'm so ready to go back to Samsung Alcatel has been alcahell
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Great Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday March 14, 2018 by , ajax
Had this phone over 3 years still going strong. Great fast phone love it alot. It is tough and apps work great. I think people expect too much for a little price. The price was great and the phone is great.
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Great for it's price. Never mind the whiners.

Reviewed on Thursday February 15, 2018 by , Kamloops, B.C.
Wow. All these people complaining about this phone boggles my mind. What Did you think you were going to get for an $80 phone??? My husband and I used this phone for 2 years and yes the storage sucks but it did everything we needed it to and we had no issues. They still work fine and I am giving them to someone in need. Also, don't most people review the specs on a phone before you buy? I sure as hell do! Don't buy a cheap phone and expect $500 phone quality. Plain and simple.
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Who even thought these phones would be a good idea?

Reviewed on Thursday January 25, 2018 by , Ontario
The crappiest phones to exist. I mean, really. Battery drainage after less than a year is a joke. A LOAD of unnecessary apps you can't delete, which make you run out of space. Absolute crap photo quality. This would be the holy grail in the early 2000's until the Motorola razr would come in, but now? Are you serious? Alcatel can't even compensate to make a good, actually functioning budget friendly phone? Ya'll are chincers. Do yourself a favour and spend your 100$ elsewhere.
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Awful frustrating useless

Reviewed on Wednesday December 6, 2017 by , Uk
I got this phone because of the cheap monthly price, I shouldn't of been such a skinflint. It was a nightmare from the start, takes an age for the keyboard to come up sometimes I just restart it because it's quicker. It drops whatever webpage you happen to be on especially if it is a link via FB. The memory is awful, downloads joy launcher by its own accord and it should be called hell launcher. Don't buy this phone unless you are a sadist, I wish I had read the reviews before I blindly went into the shop. I can't wait until I can throw it into the nearest lake, I would take it to mordor but I think Sauron would throw it back at me and ask for forgiveness.
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Reviewed on Friday October 6, 2017 by , Sadness
It broke down on me after having it for a year.
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Reviewed on Monday June 5, 2017 by , Montréal
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Great phone

Reviewed on Monday June 5, 2017 by , ny
I have used phone for about a year. Never had a problem. Does everything you need a smart phone to do. Fast internet, movie mode is great. Photo quality could be better. A good phone for its price.
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Reviewed on Thursday May 18, 2017 by , Delhi
i am using this phone from last 5 months and this phone is a piece of crap this phone sucks alot if phone shut down it wont on even after to reboot again and again also always android keeps loading its application i wont suggest it to any one
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Reviewed on Wednesday March 15, 2017 by , nyc
as tracfone discontinued service on my old reliable LG model, i was searching for another $10 phone with triple minutes and this thing was available for a decent price--
i have had NO LUCK with it,and find it too ""busy"" with all these icons to tap jamming up the screen with the crap it is SUPPOSED TO DO and doesn't.
where's your acct for crrysake to access and add minutes ?
i'm off to walleee world to see what can be done and cannot recommend this thing.
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Impossible to take a picture that's in focus

Reviewed on Saturday February 25, 2017 by , Salt Lake City
I use my phone's camera a lot to take pictures of items I then sell on line. Frankly the phone works fine and all that, but this is now my second Alcatel and they both have really poor sub-standard abilities in the image capturing category. I mean seriously, I've got old Samsung flips gathering dust in my drawer that take far superior pictures. It's a game ender for me and I won't be buying another.
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Reviewed on Friday February 17, 2017 by , Maine
Just bought this to replace a good old basic LG tracfone I'd used for five years that worked great. Tracfone send me a message that my phone was obsolete and had to be replaced with an upgrade. I bought the 'upgrade' Alcatel and this 'upgrade' smartphone is defective, won't even make a basic phone call, so the rest of what it will or won't do doesn't even matter. The phone doesn't work, won't connect, send/ receive. I wasted an hour with their tech support on the phone, and they gave up, said try again later. I'm taking it back for refund.
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Do not buy

Reviewed on Thursday February 9, 2017 by , Pittsburg
Had the phone for 3 months. Worst phone I've ever had. Nothing works. I can't get to most of my apps. The waterproof cap for the charger, broke off. So, no longer water proof. SD card requires a key, wasn't in box, had to go to boost and have dude fidget without for 45 minutes. I'm going to throw it off a bridge. Total garbage.
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Works for me...

Reviewed on Monday January 30, 2017 by , Florida
I don't live on my phone. It does everything I want,Calls are clear,like the apps that are available, camera works great, love the flashlight and the FM radio and the 5" screen is very clear. If you want a good phone for the price, check it out.
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Hot spot and signal

Reviewed on Wednesday January 18, 2017 by , Australia nsw
Bought this phone for the cameras yeh good but signal very weak even WiFi hotspot crap even when close ,stuck with it now but wouldn't recommend buy a Samsung j3 for nearly same money
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Got lucky?

Reviewed on Thursday January 5, 2017 by , Toronto
Wow I must of got lucky , see review #3 at bottom, 2 years ago , Here is my update -Still five stars - only problem was auto focus ,played with settings fix it. You can get this phone at dollar store for $20 now (I paid $80 2 years ago) go prepaid an use whats app for most thing. High end games will not play on this phone.
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Worthless piece of crap!

Reviewed on Tuesday January 3, 2017 by , NE Ohio
We have two Alcatel "One Touch" phones and it's been a nightmare from day one. Compared to other phones I've used, this has to be the worst: The alarm keeps resetting itself after we shut it off and you have to push so hard on the camera button that it affects the focus. All Smart Phones are complex and it's understandable that you need some learning time to get used to a different unit but this one is far and away the most exasperating.
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Worthless Phone

Reviewed on Tuesday January 3, 2017 by , MO
I purchased this Alcatel phone after reading good reviews but now I am extremely disappointed that I did. It has been the biggest mistake that I have made in purchasing a phone, computer ORV ablet. It is slow and not user friendly. In fact, it is a complete waste of time and money. It is prone to many viruses, it is extememly slow and the charge connection is useless. After three weeks I had to literally prop the phone and charger up at an angle to get it to charge. Please don't waste your money on a phone that you will want to throw in a river within a month.
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Peu recommandable sauf pour un usage minimal

Reviewed on Wednesday December 28, 2016 by , Montréal
Ne vous fiez pas à son grand écran, ce téléphone est un modèle extrêmement basique. La mémoire interne de 2 GO est insuffisante pour faire tourner les applications essentielles en 2016, même en rajoutant une carte micro-SD.
Le plus frustrant a été l'utilisation du GPS : impossible de capter le signal ou acquisition du signal extrêêêêêêêêmement longue.
À recommander uniquement si vous ne vous en servez que comme téléphone.
Tout le reste est dans la moyenne basse.
Je précise que je suis un utilisateur qui demande des ressources système moyennes. J'ai maintenant un ZTE Grand X Plus dont je suis très satisfait.
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Reviewed on Tuesday December 27, 2016 by , St Petersburg, Florida
I lost my phone so went to MetroPCS for replacement, they had the alcatel for reasonable price. This phone is total junk! Absolutely the worst brand of phone U have EVER had and now I am stuck with it !
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Reviewed on Saturday December 10, 2016 by , Bahamas
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Reviewed on Wednesday November 30, 2016 by , salem nh
This is the worst phone I have ever owned. the camera quality is awful. you can only have 4 of 5 pictures before the memory runs out. do not buy this piece of crap.
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Battery toast after 3 monts

Reviewed on Friday October 21, 2016 by , USA
Purchased POP3 from Walmart 2 months ago.

I accidentally let the battery go dead and now it won't recover. I have had probably 6 cell phones this has NEVER been a problem before. Had to send it in for service, they would not offer refund. I was without my phone for 2 weeks, it came back and apparently all they did was replace the battery because it went dead again and would not recharge.\

I gave up ate my $120 purchase price plus repair expenses and bought a different brand. 2 year Warranty is useless if the phone is defective.
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Reviewed on Thursday October 20, 2016 by , Ohio
Alcatel one touch is the biggest piece of crud out there. I can't block a call from a robotic telephone preacher and I can't get notifications for text messages coming in. Oh, and every time I add minutes, the phone will not receive picture texts until I call customer support to reset. All in all, this is the WORST phone ever produced.
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One of the best cell phones I ever had

Reviewed on Sunday October 16, 2016 by , North Jersey
I've read the other reviews and they are pretty much the same, bad! But, myself personally don't see it this way. I have literally owned around 60 cell phones by now, no exaggeration. I am very computer and tech savvy, so no dummy here. Out of the vast array of phones I've used, my favorites were the good ole Razor, Samsung Motorola E, and now this Alcatel One Touch Pop Icon, yes the name is goofy but it doesn't deserve this harsh criticism it's receiving. This baby has a great camera w/HD, Panorama etc, a Quad Core processor, sufficient memory and speed. I can run several apps at once with little lag. Ok, so you can't save to the micro memory card, that's a stupid oversight from Alcatel, but regardless this phone has been amazing, fast, easy to use and it's loaded with awesome features. I bought a nice little black snap together cover for it and the phone is still slim, I love the way it feels in my hand, it's an all around really nice and tough cell phone. Take it from me, I've actually driven off with cell phones on the roof if my car about 4 times already, so I know what tough includes. I bought this phone from Total Wireless for $20.00 and for $35.00 a month I get unlimited everything, no joke, now that's a deal let me tell you! Google it up for yourself and see. Enjoy it like I do mine.

Frank Fresh North Jersey.
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very disappointed

Reviewed on Wednesday September 21, 2016 by , usa
i have the alcatel pop i got when i upgraded. it was fine at first but now i cant get my pictures to send to my email. pics takes up alot of space and im trying to clear it. from what i have read im not the only one. i have to agree this phone is a piece of crap. i WILL not be getting another one. i never had trouble with my motorola . time to change once again!!!!!!!!!
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Reviewed on Monday September 12, 2016 by , Tucson

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Très satisfait

Reviewed on Sunday August 28, 2016 by , Rive-sud Montréal
Modèle 768T
En avons 2 et somme très satisfait.
Fonctionne très bien.
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first smart phone

Reviewed on Wednesday August 24, 2016 by , drumheller alberta
For my first smart phone not a bad experience not happy with Google wanting to update apps all the time and using up all memory but if you do not allow up grades phone works well.have had this phone for almost two yearsits never quit working
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This phone sucks

Reviewed on Wednesday August 17, 2016 by , Louisiana
Why is this phone still being sold. I can't check my voicemail. Keeps saying storage space running out and that was on day one of use 30 minutes after activation.It does what it wants to do. I have had it replaced 3 times.
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Reviewed on Tuesday August 2, 2016 by , Canada
BUYER BEWARE! I was convinced to buy this phone by the store clerk because all my mom needed it for was texting. She has hardly used it over the last few months and the texting/keypad is jumpy and horrible and we taught her to take pictures for fun and the photo quality is so poor it's not worth it. Then suddenly one day it bricked to the white screen with the logo and no matter what we try or search online we can't fix it. Monumental waste of time and money not to mention giving grief to someone new to smartphones. She wants her landline back!
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Reviewed on Wednesday July 20, 2016 by , California
I was suckered into buying this in some t-mobile "special" offer. Yes, I know, I'm the one who is to blame in this blind transaction. Utterly worthless. DO NOT EVER BUY. It is not worth one slim penny. T-Mobile knew this was garbage when it was foisted on me. I did not do my due diligence - so I must take responsibility for this costly disaster. T-Mobile made a fool of me. Don't let them make a fool of you.
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Reviewed on Tuesday July 12, 2016 by , coldwater, MI
After exactly 13 days the phone does not receive or send calls. It just stopped. Tracfone says its the phone itself not service. I am livid. Considering the reviews why is this phone still on the market?
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Reviewed on Monday July 11, 2016 by , pittsburgh pa
Alcatel cell phones suck. Don't ever play games using this phone. You can not even pull the trigger. Especially, when you try to aim. Whoever said this phone is awesome eat shit.
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alcatel one touch pop

Reviewed on Saturday June 25, 2016 by , Pennsylvania
I have had this phone for about two weeks now and some features are hard to figure out. I have also had trouble when trying to enter my password for voice mail messages, it adds numbers that I didn't even press. If someone calls and leaves a voicemail, their number doesn't come up either. Sometimes the alarm also only goes off twice and then snoozes itself.
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Reviewed on Tuesday June 21, 2016 by , Fayetteville TN
This phone does not live up to Alcatel standards. It came with only 2GB of internal memory with no ability to save/load apps onto the microsd card. The speakerphone volume is TERRIBLE and you have to press the screen multiple times no matter what you are trying to do. Phone calls, apps, internet, everything. The screen also "jumps" when you press it, sometimes it even exits out of whatever you are doing with no warning at all. Straight Talk has been NO HELP and I'm stuck with this phone. I should've read the reviews before purchasing because it seems that I am not the only one with problems...
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Reviewed on Thursday June 16, 2016 by , Hanover
This is a POS and anyone who says otherwise has never had a real hand-held operative device for a lengthy amount of time. This MF is about to hit it's highest point, the bottom of the swamp of water we got in IL yesterday(6-14-16).
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What a piece of crap

Reviewed on Tuesday June 7, 2016 by , Tecumseh, Ok
I have had this phone for about 3 months now. I wish I could get my old phone back. There is nothing about this phone that is one touch. I hate it. Cant text, jumps all over the pace. If you push send, well 4 or5 times. Then it calls the first number up. Take 4 5 touchs to end it. Then it turns its self off. It really is pour quality. I may leave Sprit over this. I have talked to them, and emailed them to no help.
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Cell Alcatel one touch

Reviewed on Tuesday May 31, 2016 by , Rouyn Noranda
J'ai un Alcatel One Touch et je l'aime bien.
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wtf is the deal

Reviewed on Wednesday May 4, 2016 by , texas
Had it a week now.I only got it because I went with a new plan so why not an upgraded phone also. This phone is by far a pile of s hit. I was happy with the memory, screen size and look of the phone over all but you can't really use it for anything. The purpose of streaming video is so you might be able to watch the video. This thing hops from screen shot to screen shot. If I hit pause it takes a good 5 to 8 seconds to actually pause.I have great phone calls that I have to share with the world because no one can hear me unless I put it on speaker. I see lots of complaints about picture quality but mines good. I have no charging or battery issues that I know of. But if I want to play ANY games on this thing the screen will lag. I know now that the person that sold me this is full of s hit to. He had it lagging in his hand when I bought the phone and service, but he said it must be the wifi at the time..... NOT. Is there some update I did see. I got this phone because I was just stretching out the life of my Old HTC to the point of loosing my mind with it. But honestly, this new phone sucks like ten times worse then my outdated POS. Guys it's really sad that I turn on hotspot on this phone just so I can use my old out of date phone, just going sad. Y'all tell me if I'm wrong or need to go to some web site and get a down load. I'm not so big headed that I won't acknowledge that I was wrong and after the update the phone was great. I'll tell the world. But as of this sec I'm telling the world as often as I can that your phones suck large piles of donkey s hit. WOW... Just WOW. Having to use my old phone via hotspot,and don't msg me back telling me it's because I deactivated like 15 useless apps. I did that in hopes of resolving the lag and video issues. No I won't turn them on again. I'd rather loose this paper weight and tell the world about you. Maybe start a blog and post me using my old phone for videos and whatnot while hooked up to your newer phone.
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Alcatel customer and software reps

Reviewed on Tuesday April 19, 2016 by , martinez
Dear Eli,
We'd be more than happy to help, however, we would need a bit more information.
For example what's the exact model number of your phone? It's usually 4 numbers and 1 letter and found under the battery on the phone itself.
Best regards,
Customer Care Center Hotline:
USA: (855)368-0829 | CANADA: 1-855-844-6058
Carlos Nunez

-----Original Message-----
From: Alcatel []
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 5:01 PM
To: Support WebUS
Subject: Contact Form - eli dominguez

Phone Model: alcatel flip phone
IMEI: 013752005896858
Wireless Carrier: metro pcs
Your Country: U.S.

Comment: my flip phone has yet to update and video wont play error 404 and the video wont up date and I go to upgrade the soft ware the firmware never updates and you software updates suck and I like to see a update as it could play 4 g video with a update and you could make it like a see a update on this phone you could make it like the iphone with the technology avlaible and blow people minds but you wont cause hardware like this never get updated just becomes obsolete

there response was
Dear Eli,

After checking, this phone is an older model.

Unfortunately updates are not in our hands, since we’re only support. Not developers.

Regardless we will forward your request to the corresponding department.

Best regards,


Customer Care Center Hotline:

USA: (855)368-0829 | CANADA: 1-855-844-6058

Carlos Nunez

and in doing so it was just a waste of there time and my time I would not recommend buying phones cause there phone cause they never up date the software and if they did I be complete surprised
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Reviewed on Monday April 4, 2016 by , Colorado
This is the worst phone in the world!!! You can't download anything.Google won't work and it just acts up way too much. When someone calls me, I can't see that cuz it won't ring and so it will pop up an hour later.I would recommend this phone to someone who only wants to text and call.
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Total disappointment

Reviewed on Thursday March 31, 2016 by , Ronan Mt
Bought this for my wife at Xmas. Worked for 2 months them quit sending and receiving calls. Straight talk sent a new sim card. Nothing. Sent new phone. Nothing. Another new phone. Nothing. Another sim card. Nothing. Another phone. Nothing. Took sim card out and put in a different brand of phone and worked perfect. 2 months of no phone. Alcatel absolutely will not work.
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Decent phone - fun to customize

Reviewed on Tuesday March 29, 2016 by , Canada
I have owned this phone 7 months, and it's a decent budget phone. I've rooted and customized the heck out of it. You can download an SD card fix app that will allow you to save apps to the SD card. An external camera app makes a big difference for photo quality. Run a phone cleaner app daily for much improved performance.

Pros: cost, huge screen, camera Flash makes a good flashlight, not really a theft target, running well after 7 months of everyday use, compatible with PC, smart TVs, Bluetooth devices, 3.5mm headphone jack lets you play music through AUX devices with a wire

Cons: requires external apps as factory default apps are poor, unresponsive touchscreen compared to iPhone, volume should go higher, plastic screen scratches easily
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Reviewed on Wednesday March 9, 2016 by , california
The phone is great but Alcatel sucks! have had phone less than 3 months it >s now unresponsive ans i have to pay to shipr it to Alcatel under the year warranty that they have.
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Terrible Phone

Reviewed on Saturday February 20, 2016 by , New Jersey
This has to be the biggest piece of junk I have ever had the misfortune of owning. The camera is the worst quality. Every picture comes out blurry. There is only 1GB of memory which doesn't even allow one app to be on the phone without losing email service and constantly getting low storage notifications. The phone stopped functioning almost completely and the only way to get things to work again was to delete every text, call log and even doing this didn't restore the email service. Nothing can be moved to the sd card to make room so that was a waste of money. Also, there are multiple home screens which makes no sense; icons jump all over the place at any given time. I have talked with tech support a few times and gone to the t mobile store. They advised me to upgrade my phone. I installed one app on this phone and that's it. So if you want to do anything with your phone besides talk or text, steer clear of this one.
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Buying this phone was a HUGE mistake

Reviewed on Wednesday February 10, 2016 by , USA
Let me start off by saying the good reviews HAVE to be fake reviews because this phone is garbage. The camera is horrible, all pictures come out blurry and the front camera is so terrible its not even usable. The phone has no extra memory to it, and it comes with apps that it refuses to let you uninstall which take up about 90% of the storage space. There's about enough memory for one app to be downloaded. Buying a memory card does no good because majority of apps (including Facebook) cannot be placed on the SD card, they have to be on phone storage. If someone texts you a picture you have to download it before seeing it, which it takes about 10 minutes to download one image and even then only works about a third of the time. Same goes for sending pictures, although if you completely restart your phone and quickly send a photo right when it turns back on then it will send it within seconds. Which is fine if you enjoy restarting your phone every time you want to send a picture. Cont...
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Awesome phone

Reviewed on Friday January 29, 2016 by , 223 Henry St.
I love love love this phone. Hey people with the bad reviews, phones only works right when you have patience to learn them. When you are slamming then down on the floor they aren't gonna work!laugh out loud. All you have to do is call your phone provider and ask questions (Oh yeah you have to be a little patient) Life takes patients people. T-mobile has been very helpful with me when I call and ask for help with anything I don't understand. Unfortunately people with no patience in life don't get anything resolved. Too bad for them. This phone is easy to understand and if you have to take notes when you call to remember things then do it!!!!!!!! I didn't have to pay for my phone because I have been a customer of T-mobile for over 9 years now and they just sent me a free replacement phone because husband stepped on it accidentally and bent the charge port. Love Love Love this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has lots of bells and whistles too! Patients people!!!!
I have the pop Astro not the Icon.
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Awesome phone

Reviewed on Friday January 29, 2016 by , 223 Henry St.
I love love love this phone. Hey people with the bad reviews, phones only works right when you have patience to learn them. When you are slamming then down on the floor they arent gonna work!lol All you have to do is call your phone provider and ask questions (Oh yeah you have to be a little patient) Life takes patients people. T-mobile has been very helpful with me when I call and ask for help with anything I don't understand. Unfortunately people with no patience in life don't get anything resolved. Too bad for them. This phone is easy to understand and if you have to take notes when you call to remember things then do it!!!!!!!! I didn't have to pay for my Alcatel because I have been a customer of T-mobile for over 9 years now and they just sent me a free replacement phone because husband stepped on it accidentally and bent the charge port. Love Love Love this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has lots of bells and whistles too! Patients people!!!!

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Can't send or receive pics

Reviewed on Tuesday January 19, 2016 by , Ruffin, SC
The price was great, navigation was great! For most part, I love the phone; but I can't send or receive pics to save my life! I post pics on FB or Twitter, but I can't send or receive pics via texts. Disappointed.
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Reviewed on Tuesday January 5, 2016 by , Stockbridge, GA
This phone is extremely hard to navigate for an experienced smartphone user! We bought 2 of these because the store had a special. Big mistake my husband is new to smartphone use, therefore the difficulty of trying to answer a call or look up a contact he ended up slamming the phone in the ground and breaking it. Now I'm out the money and the phone. I will never buy one of these again and I warn all my family and friends against Alcatel products.
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Not buy anyAlcatel no never

Reviewed on Wednesday December 30, 2015 by , Spain
You will go a poor upgrade support for any new android versions because do not worry about low cost phone can be upgraded after they launch it with a minor version
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Tin cans and a string would work better

Reviewed on Tuesday December 29, 2015 by , Republic, MO
This is the worst phone, EVER. Mutes calls constantly. Customer support isn't any better. They had me factory reset which didn't help. Then failed to reply with an alternative solution. Don't waste your money on this phone!!!
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One Touch for Extreme Frustration

Reviewed on Monday December 21, 2015 by , US
Extreme Frustration should be the name of this phone it is a piece of junk.
Trouble with the ringer volume, SD card access, wont sync with any computer, mutes your talk, among many other issues.
Do not waste your money.
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Worst phone ever

Reviewed on Tuesday December 15, 2015 by , boonville ny
Phone worked for about a week, couldn't get calls or messages. Took it back to the store got it replaced, same thing couldn't make or receive calls unless I'm in the house where there is Wi-Fi called for tech support, went through all there time of doing this that and every thing, nothing worked finally after about 5 calls to them they had me send them the phone ,they sent a new phone it worked for a week, now back to nothing. so don't waste your money on this phone.
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great phone for the money

Reviewed on Tuesday December 1, 2015 by , Swampscott, MA
I bought this phone in June 2015 as my first-ever android. At the price that I paid, I wasn't expecting a lot, so I was very happy with everything about this phone. Ease of use, sound quality, picture and video quality. I can even send texts via voice command...I mean seriously, how can you go wrong? Living very close to the ocean with many "dead" spots, I had experienced problems with my previous phone, but this one has been great. I love it!
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Owned this for almost a year now

Reviewed on Friday November 20, 2015 by , Hawaii
I bought this in January 2015 and it's been great considering it's so far only cost me less than $20/month on average, including the price of the phone I did notice that it would occasionally turn off and/or restart for no apparent reason, but it was not a problem. Lately, however, the battery is draining fast at times, but not consistent, so it could be a problem app. All in all, I feel this phone was an excellent value.
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Buyer Caution

Reviewed on Tuesday November 17, 2015 by , South Beloit
Gets hot running Google maps and charging, shuts off randomly, very weak antenna, low volume, weak flashlight, flash on camera is worthless, and picture quality inferior. Videos are saved as something different (not mp4), drops calls in my apartment.
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Alcatel Is a worthless piece of junk

Reviewed on Monday November 16, 2015 by , Hamburg AR
I am going on the third Alcatel Onetouch Popicon LTE 2 Phone from Straight Talk in two months. the first I bought and was so happy with it for two days. It quit letting me make or receive calls after two days. I contacted technical support at straight talk and they fooled with trying to get it to work. They couldn't, so they told me that it was defective and to return it. I did and got another one, it lasted two days. It took almost three weeks before technical support told me to return the second one to Straight Talk. Straight Talk sent me a third one. It lasted two days. I contacted technical support again and they did not want to talk to me about it said that Verizon's towers were down and that they couldn't do anything until towers were up again. Verizon's towers were not down, because other family members who are also on Straight Talk were able to use their phones that use Verizon's towers. This phone is just not a good phone. I paid $169.00 for the phone, and while I know it isn't all that expensive, I would have liked it to work longer than two days. I plan on calling straight Talk back again tomorrow and hopefully they will refund my money, because I do not want another one. What I am trying to say is this phone isn't worth the time it takes to order one or to go to a store to purchase one. Please do not waste your money. I have paid for the phone plus two months of service that I have not been able to use because not any of the phones worked, but I had to keep service in order for them to work on my phone. I guess that is how Straight Talk makes some of their money, from dummies like me.
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Alcatel phone horrible waste of money! Do NOT purchase!!

Reviewed on Sunday November 1, 2015 by , Denver
Do not waste your money on this phone.
Constant issues sound visual quality, camera, no storage very substandard product!
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update of previous review

Reviewed on Friday October 23, 2015 by , Napa Ca
Found out how to edit contacts. Go to the contact that you need to edit then tap the lower right button- by the charging port. the edit screen pops up allowing changes to be made. Otherwise the phone is growing on me. Button layout still is not great but the phone has performed well,especially at its price point. If you want more phone-bring more dollars.
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Not up to expectations

Reviewed on Monday October 19, 2015 by , Napa Ca
Had high expectations after reading the specs on the box it came in. Set up on the Total wireless plan and so far am happy with that part. But. In setting up the phone with contacts, made a few errors that need to be corrected. Ok now what- unable to find any way to edit existing contacts or information on this in the very brief manual or even a customer service phone number. My opinion is the phone is at least as cheep as it is inexpensive. Button layout could be better, however could adapt to it. Starting to see some of the other issues pop up that are in the other reviews. Need to return this phone and bring more $ to the deal.
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Reviewed on Monday October 12, 2015 by , Nelson B.C.
All every customer needs to do is check where they do repairs. One place only in Ontario. So as I was only one phone they said to send it to that place they would tell me how much to repair. I checked how long it would take, about a month then I might get it repaired. This company could care less about its customers
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This phone is junk

Reviewed on Sunday October 11, 2015 by , pennsylvania
I've had this phone for less than a month and I've already had many problems. Granted, the first two weeks I had the phone it worked great, but then by the third week the screen started freezing up, it started shutting off on its own and when I tried to turn it back on it wouldn't turn on, it only holds a charge for half a day, and the back of the phone is extremely warm even when I do not use it. I do NOT recommend anybody to get this phone, waste of money.
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Decent phone

Reviewed on Saturday September 19, 2015 by , East Liverpool
This phone takes care of all my basic needs and doesn't cost $600+. I am always on wifi so maybe that makes a difference?
The phone is fast and responsive. It is next to impossible to move files to the sd card so limited space.

For a cheap phone it is pretty good, just be careful with the charging port. Keep the cord level with the phone. Do not let the cord hang from the charging port. I broke my first one that way.
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actel phone

Reviewed on Monday September 14, 2015 by , kent
never buy a actel phone, turns of on its own, put it down it turns of, avoid like the plague. absolute junk.
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Terrible phone

Reviewed on Tuesday September 8, 2015 by , Wisconsin
My parents are cheep, I would love an iphone but they can get really expensive so, I was stuck with this. The phone worked great for two months then it just drained battery so fast. I hardly use the phone I use my ipod for everything. Then the phone started turning off on its own and wouldn't come back on until I removed the battery 8 times.

My mom wont get me a new phone even though this one doesn't work because she had the same one "it works perfectly fine" is what she keeps telling me. You shouldn't have to waist five minutes to make a phone call.
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This phone sucks!!!

Reviewed on Sunday August 23, 2015 by , thedford
does not support music on SD card. Freezes when you don't want it to, also have problems when trying to text someone. Waste of of money and worst phone I have ever had. Poor quality including battery!
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Great for the Money

Reviewed on Sunday August 2, 2015 by , Maryland
I've had the Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon for 9 months and there are a lot of wrong reviews here.
First of all, the complaint about not being able to put apps on the SD Card is due to Android 4.4, NOT Alcatel preventing it, so ANY Android phone with 4.4 can't do it.
Second, the claim WiFi doesn't work is way off. It runs fine on my phone from my home router and any free WiFi (restaurant, hotel, friend's house, etc.) I've tried.
Third, the claim of no music from the SD Card is wrong. I store mp3's on the SD Card and I've used it to play music through my Bluetooth earpiece/headphones as well as use my phone for P.A. music when I announce kids' league football games from the pressbox.
It automatically -once you set it- stores ALL of the photos and videos I take with the phone to the SD card, though photos/videos taken at a distance or in poor light are poor.
In general, there's little I don't like about this phone except the relatively poor photo quality. But, for 1/4 the price of the top-of-the-line phones, it's very good.
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This phone is fine for the money

Reviewed on Thursday July 30, 2015 by , St. Louis, MO
This loan was a little hard to understand, at first, but that was largely due to not reading the manual. Someone complained about not being able to delete contacts. Yes you can! I don't use a lot of apps, so storage space is not an issue. Wish the front camera was better, but I have taken some nice selfies, uploaded to FaceBook or sent to others and the pictures came out nice. It is all about the lighting. Still trying to figure out some of the other features. Perhaps, I will read the manual. I paid less than $100.00 for this phone with free shipping. I thought it was decent price for an Android and I do love the 5" screen. :-)
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Alcatel Pop sucks!

Reviewed on Wednesday July 29, 2015 by , Canoga park
This phone is the worst phone I have ever owned. You are unable to use the SD card, so no memory. You can't download or update due to no memory. The phone freezes during phone calls, so you can't hang up calls. Battery gets extremely hot during calls. Waste of money!
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love/hate it save your Monet for something better

Reviewed on Tuesday July 21, 2015 by , nyc ny
Not reliable screen freeze when u don't want it to
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Dont ever get this phone

Reviewed on Wednesday July 8, 2015 by , 8 park circle
This phone is actually trash and isnt worth buying it. Its camera is crap cant even use my wifi in my house comletly erases my sentence when I put a number and has no space for alot of apps . Rather get a used phone than this piece of you know what.
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I want my apps and doesn't support music from an SD card

Reviewed on Tuesday July 7, 2015 by , Evansville. Indiana
I liked it at first,then a week in and no more speed and I can't play my play my games or music. It sucks.
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Waste of time and money

Reviewed on Monday June 29, 2015 by , Indiana
The phone is probably crap, by looking at the reviews. It is hard for me to tell because the manual is worthless. They must have saved a lot of money by putting no effort into it. It has been a lot of wasted time, the phone doesn't even have an option to delete existing Contacts. No wonder they didn't give a technical support phone number. I'll be taking your advice and returning mine before the 14 day trial period expires.
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Reviewed on Saturday June 20, 2015 by , Columbus OH
Phone worked OK for a little while. Now it's junk. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY1 Phone won't charge AT ALL. Got a new battery, but still won't charge. $180 down the drain & no phone. Have about a year's worth of airtime, but NO PHONE. Fighting with TracFone. Customer service is HORRIBLE! Also, storage size is too small. Have to delete apps to install new ones. Camera is not good. Touch doesn't work or jumps to other screens. (I use touchscreen all the time. This one is horrible.) Answering calls is a nightmare. Nothing about this phone is good!I could go on and on. DON"T BUY!
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This phone is not good

Reviewed on Wednesday June 17, 2015 by , Elderton pa
First of all the storage size is so small that I have to constantly delete apps to install a new one. I can only fit maybe five of my own appsapps, if that. you cant even delete the ones you don't want that are preloaded.they will not save to your SD card so it is a total pain and annoyance. also I have trouble with the charging port. half the time I plug it in all night and it's not even charged in the morning. it has to be in a certain way for the phone to charge. my fiance has the same phone and his is starting to do the same thing.the camera isn't all that great especially the front camera when you use the front camera it looks horrible.
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Don't waste your money

Reviewed on Friday May 22, 2015 by , san francisco
I agree with the other reviewers.
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Reviewed on Monday May 4, 2015 by , Texas
It won't let me use my freakin SD card at all. So the memory is so limited to what the phone has on it. I hate this stupid phone, waste of money
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great phone

Reviewed on Wednesday April 22, 2015 by , Canada
I have had this phone for about a year and have no issues at all.takes great pictures but, you need to understand cell phone camera capabilities are limited just like any one has ever complained about any picture I have uploaded.also great battery life.display little hard to see in bright daylight but not big issue art all.
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alcatel onetouch pop icon

Reviewed on Friday April 17, 2015 by , Boise idaho
The problems I find with this phone are: # (1)It will not take a card swipe using intuit you can type
in card info. or photo copy a credit card.
# (2)does not always show call ended at the end of conversation phone will stay on at times ( I lost all my min. twice.)I now turn phone off & back on again if I'm not sure it disconected at the end of a phone call.
# (3) on--off & volumne are in wrong place on phone they should be on top of phone or out of the way when you pick up the phone from the sides.I don't advise buying this phone.
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A Great Phone

Reviewed on Saturday April 4, 2015 by , Theodore, Al.
First I am glad to see Tracfone getting some smart phones, Now I bought this phone because (1) the screen size (2) the quad-core processor (3) the amount of ram 1 gig (4) because it runs KitKat which is important because Google is no longer offering security updates for their older operating systems such as 4.2
I have had no problems with my phone maybe because I have not loaded up my phone with a lot of apps, at 62 years old I do not play games.....guess I'm just a dinosaur.
Things such as the camera are not all that important to me unless I have been in an auto accident or something like that, I mean who wants to see a selfie of a 62 year old woman.....LOL
Anyway I am very happy with my phone and I'm glad I bought it.
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Bluetooth Issue

Reviewed on Friday February 13, 2015 by , Brattleboro VT
I just bought this phone mainly because of the screen size and so far I'm happy with it. My only problem is that I can't get it to detect my Bluetooth and that is very important to me because I use it often. I don't understand what the issue is...
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these guys above me are dumb

Reviewed on Monday February 9, 2015 by , Digby Nova Scotia
this phone is amazing for the price how could you really whine about an 80$ phone that your parents bought you are you old enough to write a reveiw or use a phone sometimes when i look at how kids spell today versus when i was younger i want to come to your house and teach you grammar
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Worst phone out there

Reviewed on Monday February 9, 2015 by , Canada
Worst phone.. I was so happy when I first got it! About a month later the phone started buzzing out on me. I can't use the camera anymore. Keep in mind that I actually took very good care of the phone. I've had it for less than a year and I've sent it back for repairs 5 times now. It's frustrating! I recommend no one buy this phone. Camera doesn't work. The upgrades made it worse. Sometimes the speaker phone works. If I'm in a call, it randomly decides to put me on mute while I'm having a conversation. Currently it's going to be the 6th time I bring it back because the screen is stuck on a page and there is no way of getting off of it.
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Read the manual

Reviewed on Saturday January 31, 2015 by , toronto
Got this phone on digtal Monday for $80 CND ,thanks telus/FS ,Read the manual so you can fix things , buy a case - if you still have problems use the 2 year warrenty !!! 5 stars still a sweet deal at $130.!!!
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Reviewed on Saturday January 17, 2015 by , Canada
The Alcatel one touch at first seemed like a good touch screen phone, but after using it for some time there are many things I dislike about it. For example the horrible camera, the front camera is always so dark even when you are in a fully lit area, also the storage space on this phone needs major improvement. Another is the fact tat you can only have one background, I dont know don't know about everyone but I think you should be able to have one lock screen background and one normal grackground, also you cannot screenshot ANYTHING! And finally the keyboard freezes a lot!I think the only thing I don't mind is the battery life.
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Reviewed on Wednesday January 14, 2015 by , Nairobi
I cannot view pictures from gallery and no pictures are saved due to a no thumbnail error thing... It was sleek but that has really sucked big time
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not so smart

Reviewed on Tuesday December 30, 2014 by , St Vincent
I was so happy when I got this phone but after a week oh my goodness is the worse phone I got always freeze up the screen go black I still can't see my photos ,it very frustrating
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Reviewed on Friday December 5, 2014 by , Canada
This is one of the most annoying slowest phones I have ever bought I constantly freezes or apps will become unresponsive for no reason even the ones it came with like messenger the screen rarely registers what your trying to do if it does at all sometimes can't answer it or even get the screen to light up and become active I highly advise against purchasing this phone what a headache
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Worst phone ever

Reviewed on Saturday November 29, 2014 by , Canmore, Alberta
This phone has given me nothing but trouble. It has a bad habit of simply freezing and you can't do a thing with it. For example, I may have an incoming call, but I can't answer it. It's not intuitive to use like an Iphone. It's difficult to make it do what you want as the screen is not very responsive or sensitive. I can't believe they can sell this crap.
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Great phone 5 Star !!!!!

Reviewed on Sunday November 23, 2014 by , Blanch,NC
I just got this phone Now offered by TracFone. TracFone has always offered Really low end smartphones to use with their service until now. I noticed this phone was now available in my area and have been waiting for this day for a LONG time. The Phone is easy to use and FAST!!! The phones takes great pictures and has a nice autofocus too along with flash. The 5 megapixel camera Does take better pictures with full sun but I was happy with the indoor shots as well. No it's not an Iphone quality camera but it is more than enough to capture great moments and places in life. The size is nice in my small hands and the larger screen again is welcome. The battery life too also seems very good. However I do keep some things blocked to make sure my battery doesn't drain fast. You kind of have to monitor that with all cell phones these days. The more your running the quicker the battery drains, that is just the way it is. The touch screen is really responsive. I just can't find a downside to this phone. I must say they made a phone that is very well balanced in features and hardware. As for bang for the buck its off the charts!! The one thing about this phone I don't like is the phone has no texture for getting a good grip. The surface is very smooth which makes it easy to slide out of your hands. I am getting a protective case so no big deal, but for people who don't like cases I can see it might be. Either way I still highly recommend this phone. Take care
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nice but limited

Reviewed on Saturday November 8, 2014 by , nh
This is a great looking phone and everything works as expected and the large screen is really nice. My only gripe is the onboard storage is EXTREMLY limited so you will have to be very picky about what apps you download. It does have a place for an sd card however Google has for whatever reason removed androids capability to run apps off SD cards in this version.
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Wow... cool phone

Reviewed on Monday October 13, 2014 by , Canada
Was out of town... long story short, I needed a new cheap phone to stick my sim card in to get through the week. Well, I am keeping this one for a while. My Android comparison is a Galaxy Note 2, which I used for 2 years solid.
inexpensive (not cheap) phone
solid (plastic) build
easy to one-hand it, unlike the Note 2
unskinned Android - never had that before, really like it over the Sammy TouchWhiz skinning
excellent screen in daylight
4G, not LTE
camera is crap, no really...
led notification is only a tiny white dot - no custom colours here
phone calls sound tinny
it has an FM radio! How sweet is that?
everything just works on this phone - pop in my old sim, sign into my google and other accounts... poof, instantly back in the game. And all for under $150.

If you need a cheap - sorry "inexpensive" phone in a hurry and you have a v3 sim card, go for it.
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Reviewed on Sunday October 5, 2014 by , vancouver Canada
I just picked up this phone for $130 and its so nice! I love it and want the Idol x + by alcatel next. Im so pleased with everything the pop icon has its packed full! Talk about Bang for your Buck!!
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Your gonna Love This Phone

Reviewed on Monday September 8, 2014 by , Canada
Just picked up this phone on sale for $120 and wow, just as good as Samsung S3 if not better and a million times better than iphone 4...A new force has arrived ..highly recommend this phone to everyone