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Aussi connu sous le Alcatel OneTouch Pop C7

Réseaux :

Canada : Koodo Mobile, PC Mobile, TELUS

Fabriqué :

August 2014

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Reviewed on Wednesday March 15, 2017 by , nyc
as tracfone discontinued service on my old reliable LG model, i was searching for another $10 phone with triple minutes and this thing was available for a decent price--
i have had NO LUCK with it,and find it too ""busy"" with all these icons to tap jamming up the screen with the crap it is SUPPOSED TO DO and doesn't.
where's your acct for crrysake to access and add minutes ?
i'm off to walleee world to see what can be done and cannot recommend this thing.
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Impossible to take a picture that's in focus

Reviewed on Saturday February 25, 2017 by , Salt Lake City
I use my phone's camera a lot to take pictures of items I then sell on line. Frankly the phone works fine and all that, but this is now my second Alcatel and they both have really poor sub-standard abilities in the image capturing category. I mean seriously, I've got old Samsung flips gathering dust in my drawer that take far superior pictures. It's a game ender for me and I won't be buying another.
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Reviewed on Friday February 17, 2017 by , Maine
Just bought this to replace a good old basic LG tracfone I'd used for five years that worked great. Tracfone send me a message that my phone was obsolete and had to be replaced with an upgrade. I bought the 'upgrade' Alcatel and this 'upgrade' smartphone is defective, won't even make a basic phone call, so the rest of what it will or won't do doesn't even matter. The phone doesn't work, won't connect, send/ receive. I wasted an hour with their tech support on the phone, and they gave up, said try again later. I'm taking it back for refund.
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Do not buy

Reviewed on Thursday February 9, 2017 by , Pittsburg
Had the phone for 3 months. Worst phone I've ever had. Nothing works. I can't get to most of my apps. The waterproof cap for the charger, broke off. So, no longer water proof. SD card requires a key, wasn't in box, had to go to boost and have dude fidget without for 45 minutes. I'm going to throw it off a bridge. Total garbage.