Verizon Ellipsis 8 HD

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États-Unis : Verizon Wireless

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November 2016

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Ellipsis 8 HD

Reviewed on Sunday November 26, 2017 by , Port Orchard, WA
I bought my Ellipsis 8 HD to replace my Ellipsis 8, and the difference is huge! I've read many reviews on it and just don't get the very negative ones...I can only assume that people are confusing the 8HD with the old 8, which,indeed, was not a good device. The 8HD seems fast and responsive, and a nice surprise was that when I got it home and turned it on the op was immediately updated from Android 6 to Android 7, which previous reviews regarding specs had said was unlikely. I take the tablet to work with me all the time and have no problems with moisture. I would recommend a case for it...Fintie make a nice inexpensive one that conveniently wakes-up/sleeps the tablet when opened/closed. Battery life seems decent. Bottom line is that I'm satisfied with the purchase and the tablet works great for me. Maybe it's not the best one out there but it's pretty decent for the price.
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love it

Reviewed on Tuesday November 7, 2017 by , utah
I absolutely love this tablet. I have had it for over 6mo with no issues. As for another review on here about water damage. I've spilled my water on the screen without any issues. I've taken it on trips all over, rain or shine. It keeps working. I wouldn't say this is a throw away tablet at all. I wouldn't say it is the best either. But very good for the price.
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a throw away tablet

Reviewed on Saturday September 2, 2017 by , Wichita
What Verizon doesn't tell you is that if you are out and about and there is any moisture in the air, even if you have an umbrella over you and the tablet is in your purse, if the moisture enters the tiny microphone hole (which there is no gadget to cover the hole), the touch screeen will not work again. This is a throw-away tablet because it cannot be fixed. You are stuck with a $250 tablet that only worked 6 months for me and I have to finish paying on it for another 18 months and I cannot use it. If I had bought for the warranty insurance it would add up to paying $500 for this tablet. DO NOT BUY THIS TABLET!!!! IT IS WORTHLESS!