Slate 8" Tablet

Aussi connu sous le Sprint Slate 8, Quanta AQT80, HP Slate 8

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États-Unis : Sprint

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September 2015

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Not an Ipad

Reviewed on Saturday March 10, 2018 by , GA
I've had this tablet almost 2 years now and use it every day. First let me say that this is not an Ipad and it's crazy to expect a free phone to respond like one. Yes this tablet can have some issues and I'll not deny that but many of us don't have $700 or so to spend on a Ipad or Samsung. I debated whether to give this tablet 3 or 4 Stars. For a free tablet it is very usable given the limitations that a cheap tablet may have. I will echo the words of others here, if you want Ipad functionality get an Ipad. If you need something cheap and can except the limitations of low cost this tablet may be for you. I don't regret getting this tablet.
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No words can do justice.

Reviewed on Tuesday February 27, 2018 by , No Where
To say this POS is bad gives bad a bad name. I do, however, believe it might serve as a good one time target. That's all.
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Reviewed on Sunday February 25, 2018 by , Chicago, IL
Constantly reboots, screen randomly locks, keyboard fails to open, and it sticks in portrait mode until a manual reboot. Despite being free and the Sprint employee insisting I can just cancel at the end of the year, he lied. I'm trapped in an additional 2 year contract with the option to cancel for $200. THIS PIECE OF TRASH IS A TRAP! IT WILL COST YOU AT LEAST $200! If Sprint tries desperately to give you one, RUN AWAY!!!
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Ripped off/junk

Reviewed on Friday December 22, 2017 by , Pineville,NC
Got a call, such a valued customer, going to send you this free tablet. Just have to pay additional $30.00 dollars plus extras for this complete piece of junk. Has never worked from the 1st day it arrived. Contact customer service, all you have to do is this and this and it will work just find. Did this and that, no luck. Turns on just find when the damn thing is plugged in, have to do that because it won’t turn off. Just sits there and talks all sorts of crap till the battery runs down. I didn’t see it coming, wish I had would have saved a lot or money for those monthly charges. Won’t even make a good paper weight. Won’t happen again. Pure 100% junk, worst items that I have ever received