Slate 10" Tablet

Aussi connu sous le Sprint Slate 10, Quanta AQT100, HP Slate 10 HD

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États-Unis : Sprint

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November 2015

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Reviewed on Thursday May 25, 2017 by , Sanford, FL
Worst piece of garbage you could imagine. I should have known that the offer was too good to be true and in that regard I blame myself. I blame Sprint as well to unloading this junk on their loyal customers. I have 6 months left on my contract at which time I will make a decision influenced by this garbage.
The Sprint store I bought it from told me it was made by Sprint as I never heard of Slate. They sang its praises. In the 6 months I have had it I probably used it for 10 hours as it never served me as an away from home internet access and one on which I could log information as it was so horribly slow. The slightest brush on the screen and it would switch sites. Typing was frustrating as nothing shows on the screen. You start typing and your old entries pop up
I had not used it for a couple of months during which time I made numerous complaints. I was given a software upgrade that accomplished nothing. Last week. I turned it on and the screen went dark. Took it back to the Sprint store, waited for 2 hours. Got to the service desk only to be told that I needed to find the manufacturer and talk to them myself. I explained that I bought it at that store but he insisted they did not have 10" tablets and I should call customer service which I did, just now.
The first half an hour I spoke to about 4 different people, 2 of which tried to sell me another tablet but do nothing about this one.The last person I spoke to after going in circles offered to phone the store and set them straight tomorrow. Lets see what happens in round 11.
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Slate 8 Android tablet

Reviewed on Friday May 12, 2017 by , Cleveland
This is the biggest piece of Junk. After One day it wouldn't Power on & when it did I'd put it back in the box it was unplugged not charging the next day this tablet was DOA & I'd had it I packed it up took it to a Sprint store actually bought Samsung galaxy Tab Enough For $200.00 No I'm not gonna get burned twice $100.00 Its not worth It
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Wow! It sucks balls!

Reviewed on Friday December 30, 2016 by , Altoona, Iowa
This is my first tablet. If this is typical, I will never buy another! It is so damn SLOW! My searches get screwed up constantly. The delay is multiple seconds. So bad I can't use the swipe feature on the keyboard. I expected at least phone quality response ... not even close. Apps LAG horribly ... every one of them. Onboard memory is ridiculously small and adding a 32G card helps ZILCH. I was hoping it was user error, but I've been using it for weeks now with no improvement. No wonder they give them away for free! Do not take one. The extra $10 a month is a total waste. I completely regret accepting this. They should be paying to landfill the entire production run. It is too late for me, but save yourselves!
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Makes a Great Paper weight.

Reviewed on Tuesday November 29, 2016 by , Pontiac, Mi
I don't think that they show create another tablet. I never had a tablet like this. It constantly crashes, freezes. Refuses to stay connect to even Sprint's Own Network. Has to constantly do a reboot, the keyboard barely wants to respond. If you bought one on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you better take it back. You got much better chance with the malfunctioning Samsung S7 verses the Slate. Back to the drawing board.