Alcatel Trek HD

Aussi connu sous le AT&T Trek HD, Alcatel 9020A

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États-Unis : AT&T

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May 2015

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Loved it!

Reviewed on Tuesday October 18, 2016 by , Bakersfield CA.
Like the title says,I love this tablet. Performance was never an issue. The display is excellent, clear and very good details. Memory never gave me an issue, as I had numerous apps hundreds of songs, and movies as well. Never lagged or anything and the size was just right for what I used it for. I'm sure there are other tablets that are better. But this one gave me all I needed, and the price didn't scare me.
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This ALCATEL is HORRIBLE tablet!

Reviewed on Thursday February 11, 2016 by , iowa
Purchased Jan 11, 2016. Love my iPhones!! I purchased this device to simply paly with the android system. I dabbled for 4-5 hours the first few weeks. When iPhone was stolen Feb 5, suddenly depended on Alcatel - AT&T Trek until new iPhone arrived. Alcatel Trek completely stopped working Feb 8. Nope, NO AT&T exchange after day 14. Under Alcatel 1 yr warranty. No, no exchange but if I mail it to them they say they will attempt to repair it. WTF that mean? Attempt? Then, after questioned repeatedly about any liquid damage (it's never been near any liquid), I was told if they found any damage they would return device without any repairs. There was no reassurance that it would be fixed, exchanged if unfixable, purchase price refunded or any customer satisfaction at all from Alcatel. I'll know how the story ends in a couple weeks....
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It came out May 2015 & has 0 reviews?!?

Reviewed on Sunday February 7, 2016 by , Miami, Florida
I tried to return it & AT&T (true to it's infamous reputation) would not take it back. Franchise employees stated I had 14 days to return it & it was the 15 day. I called AT&T customer no service & they counted the same way I do (14 days)! To no avail I lost. It lags.