Novatel MC760 Mobile Internet Stick

Novatel MC760 Mobile Internet Stick Front View

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Canada : MTS Mobilité

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August 2009

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Slow internet

Reviewed on Friday December 21, 2012 by , winnipeg
I have the Novatel wireless CDMA internet stick and its painfully slow on my mac. I did a speed test at and I get 90% of the time got 0.10kb/s, and then suddendly (but rarely) it boosts up too 1.40 mb/s, bottom line, MTS internet stick sucks.
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Reviewed on Wednesday October 12, 2011 by , wpg
total crap...4 bars in city yet only get max .06 mb /s

may as well walk to the store and get milk waiting for a page ....

am taking back there 1/4 bar rating?
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Reviewed on Monday August 8, 2011 by , Killarney
This product is absolutely terrible in my area! It is worse than dial-up but you pay the price of high speed! They also lock you into a plan and then you can't get out of it, so you are stuck paying for something that you don't even use because it takes forever to even download a page to look at your emails! I give this and the company I got it from a BIG THUMBS DOWN!!!
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ON CDMA network

Reviewed on Sunday January 9, 2011 by , winnipeg
I was impressed with the speed of the unit. At stick did 1.2 Mb's download and .2 Mb's upload. drawbacks are couldn't get working on accer laptop, or netbook. Both windows 7. Ran good on my samgsung R580 laptop windows 7. Exept some problems with SSL on certain sites. Gmail for me which almost makes it useless for me