Huawei E5836 Mobile Wi-Fi

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Canada : TELUS

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October 2010

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Bad reception, would not go into sleep mode

Reviewed on Saturday January 15, 2011 by , Van Anda, Texada Island, BC
I originally called Telus to order a Sierra Wireless 306 Mobile Internet key. The Telus sales person convinced me I should get the Huawei E5836 Mobile key instead.

The Huawei could not hold the HSPA Internet connection at my home. Even when it would try to fall back to the slower CDMA for the Internet connection it could not keep transmitting data for more than a few minutes.

I borrowed a Sierra Wireless 306 from a friend for comparison in the exact same location. The 306 key had good signal strength on HSPA+ (3-4 bars). The Huawei E5836 only got one bar of signal strength or "no service" in the exact same spot.

The Huawei interface is so poor it can not even show signal strength in db. So sorry, I can only give you the five bar graphic scale (Sierra 306 - 3 to 4; Huawei E5836 - 1 or nothing).

Additionally, the Huawei is supposed to go into sleep mode when there is no activity. In sleep mode the battery is rated for 100 hours while in active mode only 4 hours.

It appears the Huawei considers searching for a network to be activity. So because it is so weak it could not get a good signal in my location, it never would go into sleep mode. So every morning the battery would be dead.

The Huawei will not charge on the USB connection when the battery is completely dead. I would need to move it ojnto the wall charger. Then wait a while until the battery had enough charge to function off the USB connection. Then reboot the poorly designed piece of junk and fiddle with it to get it back into WiFi connection mode.

Unless you are intending to use it only in areas with absolutely perfect HSPA signal strength I would definitely suggest you stay away from the Huawei E5836.
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Reviewed on Wednesday November 24, 2010 by , Toronto
Wi-Fi Protected Setup – a standard for easy and secure wireless network setup and connections. WPS automatically configures the network name (SSID) and security key for the router and wireless device that join the network.
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The HUAWEI E5836 security flaws

Reviewed on Tuesday November 2, 2010 by , Vancouver
I was about to purchase one of these devices but after looking at the documentation, I'm very surprised that such a new device would only support WEP for wireless security. So this device is technically not Wi-Fi compliant because it would need to support WPA-PSK at minimum for security. There are too many tools out there to crack WEP. Since the 3G+ is not unlimited, a cracked mobie Wf-Fi could cost you THOUSANDS in usage fees.